Energy Drink Funny Commercial

Extra Potent Burn Energy drink gives great workout stamina. The guy tried happily with many over the night.

Leaf Nissan Commercial

Nissan has launched a new commercial to promote a new electric car model named ‘Leaf’. To promote the brand name NISSAN commercial initially presents famous cars like Pathfinder, 350 Z, Murano. In the end of the commercial they show their new electric car called ‘Leaf’ .

Vampire Party

A really great event was organised in Hungary to encourage youngsters to donate blood.
So young people who gave blood were invited for a party named “Vampire Party”. Withing only a few hours a lot of blood was donated and the party was a great success.

Awesome Heineken Beer Commercial

This the commercial puts light on the difference between a men and a women.

Funny Guinness Beer Commercial

Three guys were drinking Guinness Beer. As soon as they started drinking, they start going back in time. We get to see the evolution of human back to the creation of life.Its really an interesting funny commercial.

Funny Toyota Commercial

In this commercial as soon as the couple wake up in the morning, they start a fight for the race to be the first one to get into the driving seat of a Toyota and did a lot of weird things .
So friends its the reliability and performance of the Toyota cars that every is in fever to acquire driving seat in Toyota.

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